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About Veda Pathashala

Hari Hara Veda Vidya Peetham was started by shrI mArepalli nAga vEnkata shAstri, a renowned veda pandit, astrologer, teacher, and poet, in the USA. It is located 2 kms from Paloncha near Bhadrachalam in AP, India. shrI rAma is the presiding deity at Bhadrachalam.

Vision of the Peetham

Establish and run vedic schools to primarily impart the vedic knowledge along with scientific knowledge.

Prepare leaders for the society who can propagate the spiritual wisdom of the vedas within the context of modern science.

Promote socio-cultural, religious, and spiritual activities in the society.

Protect the environment and animal wealth, mainly cows and its progeny.

Mission of the Peetham

Enroll limited students and teach them vedas and shAstras (along with their commentaries and meanings).

Prepare the students for competitive exams held by reputed vedic councils.

Teach conversational skills in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English, and Hindi, while the official language of communication in the Gurukulam will be samskritam.

Teach haTha yOga , mathematics, astrology and vAstu in addition to other subjects on the physical world (geography, history, physical sciences, and computer skills).

Provide free boarding for students.

Maintain a gOshAla (place for cows).

Recruit eminent vedic scholars to live in the gurukulam.

Pay about Rs.10,000/- per month to at least four such vedic gurus.

Present Rs. 1 lakh as a startup package for each graduating student who successfully finishes any veda.

To tailor short courses on vedic recitation for the NRIs during the summer and winter breaks and provide accommodation in the gurukulam allowing audio/video recording of the classes.

Mission accomplished so far:

Acquired land of about 2,200 Sq. yards for construction of the gurukulam.

Pathashala started on July 22, 2005 with 5 students and one Acharya.

Mission to be accomplished:

Construct buildings for classes and boarding including kitchen, setup electricity, telephone and internet, insurance, dig a water bore well, obtain municipal approvals, recruit vedic gurus and students (Rs. 37 Lakhs).

Obtain study materials, tables, clothes, toiletries, linen, and other miscellaneous expenditure for students (Rs. 3 Lakhs).

Salaries for 4 teachers including veda gurus, languages & sciences teachers (Rs. 5 Lakhs) and 5 office personnel including manager, security, cooks, and other staff (Rs. 5 Lakhs).

Other annual maintenance expenditures including utilities, stationery, food, medicines, and contingency funds (Rs. 12 Lakhs).

Appeal for Support

Our vEdic school was inaugurated on July 22nd, 2005 with 5 students. We are currently securing the funds for ongoing expenses in providing free education and any donations will be gratefully accepted.

Total costs for the first year of operation adds upto about Rs. 65 Lakhs. We believe that the mantras/stotras should be available for everyone for free and thus have provided them through We particularly encourage those of you who have enjoyed the free mantras/stotras at our website to consider any donation, if it is within your means, to the establishment of the gurukulam. We are currently making arrangements to receive funds in foreign currencies for the Peetham. In the meanwhile, any donations would be gratefully accepted on Sri Venkata Sastry's name. Please mail your checks to:

Vedic Education and Devotional Academy (VEDA)
440 Dixon Landing Rd, Apt. #D307
Milpitas, CA 95035 USA

You may write a check in Indian Rupees to Hari Hara Veda Vidya Peetham and mail it to:

Vedic Educational Society
C/O Sri M.S. Avadhani
Srinagar Colony
Kothagudem, AP 507101

Contact us: +1 510 673 7938 (USA) +91 8744 243640 (India)

Email: vedapandit AT

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